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“When I try to connect with me, by tracking one of my deeper desires, I feel more contact with my body, more clearness and presence. At the same time, I am falling into my effort to run away from myself. I trust into the natural state of connection and slowly explore my inner life. It feels good, that nobody needs to manipulate it, just somebody who open the space for my inquire, somebody who sit there like an ocean, always there, needing nothing from me.

When I reconnect again, I feel more powerful, there is more grounding and focus in here and now, it’s like just being, being attuned to my body, my emotions, my environment and even something bigger, what could be wired but at the same time in the moment of reconnection all difficult emotions and identifications like guilty came up, which could overrun my system. During my development, they had to cut me from my self, again and again, like a permanent safety response. This deeper experience helps me to recognize and handle my personal dilemma: My desire is my greatest fear”.

I’m learning to trust into inquire, self-regulation and integration for some more capacity to connect.

I will share the knowledge about the body based dynamic of disconnection and connection, the reason for so many symptoms and outside atmosphere. How the past still influences our way of acting and thinking about ourselves.
Why it’s so important to hold and integrate our life energy and not to release it in the moment of tensions.

Explore by exercises how connection could be the essence for self-agency and embodied adult consciousness, even for our intimate relationships.
Why are we never really disconnected, why we just think to have to be disconnected, and why it’s so useful to work with this Maya illusion.

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Rafael Prentki

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